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Land a great job in tech with a starting full-time offer of $78,000.

The SV Academy Business Development Fellowship is a free, 12-week, skill building and mentorship program that connects job-seekers with employers hiring for full-time sales and marketing roles in Silicon Valley and New York.

Jenny Strauss — “SV Academy: Changing the Look of Sillicon Valley One SDR at a Time.” “SV Academy: Changing the Look of Sillicon Valley One SDR at a Time.” by Jenny Strauss Read more
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Starts June 17, 2019
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We prepare tomorrow's tech leaders for today's jobs.

Our mission is to give you the skills, work experience and connections you need to land the tech job you want. Whether or not you have access to exclusive networks, have previous work experience or can code.

Business development is a great way to start your career in tech. It’s more than sales – it’s a foundation for building relationships and identifying opportunities for innovation. And it’s in hot demand.

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Learn to transfer the skills you’ve already gained to tech. Support them with crucial business development expertise.
Our program includes an internship at a tech startup so you can hit the ground running once you get hired.
From LinkedIn to Google, your new network of mentors are leaders in the industry’s biggest companies.
A great job
in tech
Complete the first 12 weeks of our program and transition into a junior role at a fast-growing company with a starting full-time offer of around $78,000.

Get job-ready then get hired.